/// MDI Laboratories

This web site was built for MDI Laboratories. MDI is a pathology laboratory company that specializes in setting up a pathology laboratory from start to finish. The main page features a large main slider with high-quality images and feature columns to display the reasons why they are the best company for the job in a concise and straightforward way. Special icons were implemented in the “About Us” page to align with the values and strengths of the company.

Image galleries were installed in order to showcase the type of machinery and equipment they are able to install for their clients. They also needed a way to display all of the services that they provide in a professional and organized manner so the “Services” page was created to present everything. Small contact forms were also installed on the contact page as well as the footer of the site for easy communication between them and their clients.

/// Project features

  • Simple contact forms
  • Galleries
  • jQuery plugins
  • Social Media Footer

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