/// MDI Laboratories Logo

This logo was designed for MDI Laboratories. MDI is a pathology laboratory company specializing in helping their clients set up a pathology laboratory from start to finish. The client wanted a simple logo that would easily reflect the work they do as a company. One of the most important services they provide involves helping their clients obtain the highest quality lab equipment for their new pathology labs. One of the main devices used in these laboratories is a microscope, which we thought would be a great idea to implement in the logo somehow.

After multiple drafts and attempts, we settled on using the curvature of the “D” in “MDI” to work as the arm of a microscope. The font was therefore chosen to be sleek and bulky, without being too bold. This allowed the elements of the microscope to de designed around the letter to enhance the look, while keeping the proportions of the microscope reasonable, believable but most importantly instantly recognizable as a microscope. A black and grey color scheme was chosen to convey professionalism and to maintain high usability on other marketing materials without the need to worry about how well the logo would look with other color schemes around it.

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