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Francisco Cano Design is a design company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Web Design and Development

I am proud to provide my clients with professional web design solutions that literally set the industry standard. I can develop an attractive and effective web site for your business or you personally. By combining the latest in web technology and an in-depth analysis of goals to be achieved, Francisco Cano Design can create and deploy web sites that fit your needs.

Graphic Design

From logos and corporate identity, to brochures, publications, cards & banners, I can make your business or organization look great and get your message across clearly and concisely. We can work closely to develop your corporate image as well as your graphic & print design strategy.

Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphics let you tell stories in engaging and provocative ways. From character animation and kinetic text to data simulations and product demonstrations, I know how to find the visual hook that will capture your audience's attention.

/// Additional Features

Custom Galleries

Let me create a photo gallery on your web site to showcase your product and drive more visual attention to your site.


Organize your schedule and share events with visitors. With an online calendar, it’s easy to keep track of your events.

File Upload

The capability of uploading documents, photos and files, can be added to your forms to easily gather user content.

Google Analytics

Analytics give you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.

Mobile Compatibility

The site can be created in such a way, that it can be compatible with many popular mobile browsers.

Countdown Page

Do you have a projected launch date? A countdown page can be created for users that access your site, before you're ready.


A virtual store can be created to allow your visitors to purchase goods and services from the comfort of their computers.

Multiple Languages

Do your visitors speak English? De pronto hablan Español? Your site can be ready for anyone.

E-Mail Adresses

Having a corporate e-mail is important in establishing your image. I can customize your own corporate e-mail.

High-Res Graphics

Whether it's a brochure, flyer, web site, business card or video, I will always use the highest resolution graphics.

Editing projects

If at any point in time you want to change anything about a project, feel free to contact me. We can change anything, at any time.


Impressive E-mail Newsletters for your marketing campaigns

Low-Cost Printing

I can make sure that you get affordable prices for your print projects.

Cost of Design

We can sit down and discuss the project so we can meet any specific budget.

Stock Images/Video

If you want a project to have a specific image or video, I can always add the perfect stock project.

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